COVID-19 ByondLimitless Status

Corona Virus - Your Safety Is Important To Us

UPDATE: August 13th 2020 - 

Product ETA: Could be anywhere from 2 Weeks - 2 Months depending on the size of your order and order volumes.

We're deeply sorry about these delays, please read below for more information.

In regards to recent support tickets, we'd like to address the delays more. At the start of the Pandemic, we've enforced strict protocols to ensure that we stay in operation at such a questionable time. These protocols turned out to be quite strict, but we wanted to make sure our areas remained safe, as well as our customers with the products they're receiving. 

That being said, we're not shipping anything from our current stock. Once an order is placed, we manufacture and ship it straight from the line. We're fulfilling all orders in the order that they come in. 

Along with that we've temporarily cut back staff, and spaced out work stations. Slowing our production.

These are all things we wish we didn't have to do, and we hope you can understand. If these potential delivery times are not okay, please hold off on placing any orders until things clear up here in the US.

Regardless of these delays, your orders will still arrive as timely as possible.

These are tough times for us all, and we hope you're all staying healthy and safe. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us by email on our CONTACT page. Email us directly at

UPDATE: July 8th 2020 - 

The following is still heavily in effect. Please take notice of the order delays note at the bottom of the page. 


While the state of California has issued guidance for non-essential retail businesses to close, ByondLimitless will continue to operate as we are not a physical retailer and providing essential services by delivering goods directly to families under quarantine.  We will continue to produce and ship orders as safely as possible.


1) All non-production employees are required to work from home until further notice. 
2) While producing your orders, we are taking extra measures to limit the possible spread of the virus.  These measures include mandatory hand washing, disinfecting of tools and work stations, and recommended social distancing practices.
3) We will not allow outside guests or customers in the facility until further notice, including pick up orders.
4) We are communicating with our supply chain partners to ensure they have taken similar precautions.
We will update this post with more information as the situation continues to evolve. 
NOTE: Due to these measures, expect delays on orders. Your order will arrive as quickly as possible! The process has certainly been slowed due to the orders California has enforced, which we must follow. We appreciate your cooperation through this, and hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy. 
Thank you,
The ByondLimitless team.